Product & Grade: Ordinary Grey Portland Cement 42,5N/R.

SO3 2.6% **C3A 4,8%** MGO 5.0%** Alkalies 0.6% max **chlorides 0.1% **insoluble residues 1.5%**loss of ignition 3.0%**fineness by blin CM/G2500**initial setting time (VICAT) 105-155 minutes**final setting time(VICAT) 135-245 minutes **soundness not more than 0 mm **compressive strength @ 03 days 230 KG/CM2 compressive strength @ 28 days 520 KG/CM2.

Origin: Europe, Russia, Africa and America (Seller's option).

Packing: Packed in fifty (50) kilos, 3 ply Kraft bags suitable for ocean freight
and repacked in jumbo slings of 1.500 kilos.

Port of destination: Any main port in country on CIF basis (Cost, Insurance & Freight)-Incoterms 2000 is applied.

Weight and Quality Inspection: Societe Generale De Surveillance (SGS) at seller's cost shall inspect commodity at the place of loading. Société Générale De Surveillance (SGS) shall issue an inspection certificate of quality and quantity for each shipment.

Terms of Payment: Payment is generally by fully funded irrevocable, transferable / non-transferable (at big quantities),auto-revolving and confirmed documentary letter of credit payable 100% at sight in the bank against presentation of shipping documents as per contract.

Performance Bond: The seller against the buyer's non-operative documentary letter of credit posts a performance bond equivalent to the sum of 2% of the shipment value on an auto-revolving basis until the total quantity has been shipped.

Product Documentation:
A full set of the following documents is issued in 01 (one) original and 03 (three) copies.
* 3/3 Bill of lading *Clean on Board* marked * Freight Prepaid* made out to the order of *........* and notify*........*.
* Commercial invoices in the name of the buyer showing the commodity name, documentary letter of credit number, B/L number and date, quantity loaded, invoice value and loading port.
* Certificate of Origin endorsed by the relevant government authority or issued by the chamber of commerce from the country of dispatch, confirming that the goods have been shipped.
* Packing List with indication of total gross weight and total net weight of shipped goods.
* Certificate of quality, quantity and weight issued by Societe Generale De Surveillance (SGS) at loading port.
* Certificate of Hold and hatches cleanliness issued by vessel's master.
* Full Set of Original Policy / Certificate in assignable form and endorsed in blank covering all risks and war risks for 110% of commercial invoice value.
* Beneficiary's certificate of having sent shipment details to applicant showing documentary letter of credit number, commodity name, vessel name and nationality, B/L number and date, quality loaded, invoice value and loading port.


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